popkoor Thirdwing (foto: Sjurlie.nl)

Are you looking for a nice choir to sing in? Or are you getting married and do you want a real fantastic wedding celebration in church? Then this is the place to be!

It’s not so easy to put a ‘label’ on Thirdwing: we sing modern, popular repertoire which you would expect from a youth choir, but we don’t really have the looks of a youth choir (anymore); our members vary in age from 18 to almost 60!

Our musical career has a number of special highlights: first we would like to mention our ‘one-and-only’ CD, called “The Christmas Way” that we recorded in 2001 and that was bought by many of our fans. Another special occasion for Thirdwing was when we won a regional choir-contest in 1999. Our performance was repeatedly broadcasted on regional television and radio. Furthermore we want to mention the celebration of our twenty-fifth anniversary with a 5-day trip to Prague in 2006. Our latest highlight is our journey to the Würzburg area in 2011. Together with two other choirs we performed a wonderful concert in the church of Faulbach. A local newspaper published a highly favorable review.

Most of our songs are in the English language, but we also sing in Dutch and Spanish. Pop-music and gospels are our favourites, but ‘close harmony’ isn’t strange to us either. We are accompanied by keyboard, guitar, bass-guitar and drums. Our rehearsals are every Wednesday from 7.45 – 10.00 pm (except during school holidays) in the Corneliushuis in Heerlen (Groeet Genhei 14, 6413 GN Heerlen; find the location with Google Maps).

Are you interested? Then it’s time for you to hear us sing:

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For further information you can call our chairman, Marcel Siebers, on telephonenumber +31 (0)45 - 5 221 427 or e-mail to info@thirdwing.nl.

We are looking forward to seeing you!!